WHY on earth would you do that?

Last week I asked for the first time in a while, why did you start PublishingPush.com? Here is my answer.

I saw a problem in the publishing market. Authors would chase agents and publishers for years often to be rejected because the publisher “wasn’t actively purchasing in their niche” or "sorry your book doesn't quite fit our current criteria.” Even if they did secure a deal they would then have to wait for several years to see their book on the shelves. On top of this they would have to hand over often as much as 80% of their royalties.

Hybrid publishing emerged and this troubled us again. Authors had to hand over a fee AND give away often as much as 75% of their royalties. These publishers like the traditional model would tie the author into contracts, control their royalties and retain ownership of their copyright.

In 2014 Publishing Push founder Patrick Walsh said enough. There had to be a better way and that is what led him to build Publishing Push.

We have now helped over 3,000+ writers from over 15 countries around the world professionally self-publish their books. They have fulfilled a life long ambition to become a published author and to have readers around the world enjoy their writing.

It troubled me deeply that authors weren't getting a fair deal from either of the models that existed. Many authors would approach us in the early days for help with marketing. Many of these authors would have major publishers behind them. I won't name any names but they were mighty. However, these authors would often call us panicked because they knew if their sales dropped and didn't hit expectations then they wouldn't be getting a second deal.

One author, in particular, stands out. I had read his first book. It was brilliant. A creepy horror (you will never catch me watching a horror movie but a creepy book I do enjoy) with an amazing follow-up. The problem? His publisher had reshuffled the marketing team and no one had been assigned to promote his book. He was lost. I have yet to see him secure another traditional deal because of this situation where he was neglected. What's worse is he was having to spend his own money to promote his book AND every time the book sold his publisher was collecting royalties on the sales.

I don't want this post to come across like I am picking on traditional publishers or hybrid publishers. There are some great companies out there who really work hard for their authors. We are biased but rightly so as this model works for such a large number of authors. It gives authors flexibility, maximum value and preserves the ownership of their work.

Why should you publish a book?

Your Readers

Think about your readers. Who is going to enjoy your book or gain value from the knowledge you have to share. Sharing a personal story can help so many people. Particularly how you overcame something challenging or achieved something extraordinary. The main goal can be to entertain. For the vast majority of readers that is why we pick up a good book.


Publishing a book can be a great source of additional income. This will all depend on how your audience responds to your book.

Personal Brand or Business

Publishing a book is an amazing way to make more people aware of you and what you offer. Whether that is consulting or something you do personally. It might be your business. A book has in many ways become the new business card. If you give someone your book they are more likely to remember you and your business.


Writing down and recording your memoir is something more people should do. The process makes you reflect in a way that we wouldn't in normal day-to-day life. It can be a great way to access those memories and really explore events and experiences. Once complete you can share this with friends and family. It will shed new light on your life in a new way.

A dream

The most important reason of all. Many people have dreamt of being a published author. Self-publishing is a way to take action and fulfil your dreams. I know some of you might think but my dream is to be professionally published by a huge publisher such as Harper Collins or Penguin. The reality is that to achieve this you have to start by self-publishing. 0.0001% of the authors in the world will be lucky enough to get a deal right away. For most of us, you have to prove yourself, prove your writing and that starts with self-publishing.

Those are just a few of the reasons that people want to publish their books.