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It transpires our customers would rather improve their marketing than avoid legal trouble. I have to say I would probably join them in that sentiment. My marketing update on our latest endeavours.

In this post:

  1. Investing in litigation finance.

  2. My audience would rather promote their books over avoiding a lawsuit.

  3. TikTok Marketing.

  4. Why I will keep marketing on Instagram even though I only received one conversion.

  5. đź’¸ Micro Angel Activities

  6. & More!

I didn’t publish last week as writing every week was harming the quality. We also had urgent items to attend to regarding staffing and a small Google tagging crisis which I will detail below. Going to focus on keeping these bi-weekly although a long overdue and first holiday in a very, very long time next week will probably disrupt slightly. Back to normal after that. Let’s dive in!

đź’°Context - ÂŁ42K p/m

Let’s talk money. To give everything within this blog more context we inevitably have to talk money. This type of transparency makes me sweat but perhaps that is my conservative English nature. My marketing goal with Publishing Push is to reach £42K p/m so that we can hit £500K per year and beyond! But first, the £500K goal is what we are working towards at the moment.

SEO - What happened?

We are still plugging away at SEO but have taken a different tactic and I would urge you to do the same. We have been pumping out more content but to little or no avail which is what I suspected. Good quality backlinks are what move the needle and that is where we have turned our attention. Lily who I hired to write content for our blog has a masters in creative writing and is very well positioned to write pieces for our audience.

She has started creating guest posts and pitching these to influential blogs. We are going for low volume and looking for a higher DA (Domain Authority) rating as the key metric.

So far we have secured a post on Bang2Write (very 90’s web design) but they are active in the author community and they have a DA of 40. reached out to us with a DA of 39 and we are waiting for that to go live as well. We run everything through Trello so we can track it easily and we use SendBoard to send emails from within Trello.

Lily is just getting going but the plan is to eventually get to 4 decent features per month where the sites have a high DA. From research, this is what is going to move the needle for us.

SEO - Toxic Domains

This one is still hurting our score. I have applied to Google to disavow the links but it seems to be taking a very long time to happen. From research, it seems like you just have to sit and wait for this one out and it can take quite a long period of time.

The wait on this one continues.

SEO - Focus

SEO can be confusing but really it comes down to eliminating as many on-site issues as you can and getting links from high DA rated websites. Content is of course important but once you have that you need that high DA linkbacks. That is now our focus going forward. Going to get a good few months under our belt following this strategy and can then provide a solid update regarding if this has proved successful.

Privy Email Capture - Marketing > Getting Sued

Email is still my preferred marketing method and is completely undervalued. It’s a channel that you own and can control entirely. The challenge is collecting more emails. Recently we invested heavily in a new book marketing guide for authors. We poured a lot of time and effort into this and it’s useful for us as a business in many ways.

However, book marketing guides are everywhere and I was keen to come up with a unique value add for authors. Something that was different and gave real value. The Literature & Law Guide was created. I also ran polls on our Instagram stories to work out what it was people wanted. We didn’t just guess we used polls and other methods to work out what we should invest time on. The guide has proved popular and one of the main methods we use to collect emails is a pop up on the website. It triggers when someone goes to exit the site. The current conversion rate isn’t fantastic and I wanted to see if I could raise this rate. I know the industry average is around 2% but still, I am always looking to make improvements.

First, I wanted to test the offer via an A/B test and it transpired that selling more books is preferred over being legally educated about publishing.

Having a law degree myself I can assure you that marketing is more interesting so I don’t blame our customers at all. It is yet another reminder to always test your assumptions.


Hopefully, the link above has worked and you can see the first of the TikTok videos we have secured through the influencer campaign. This one is performing well and we have a second to come with the same gentleman. We have 2 more influencers working on videos and it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Social Media

I always ran the social media side of things on Instagram myself but as my role, has become exclusively that of Owner & CMO I have passed more and more on. I hired my friend Georgia who runs Vaxa Social. This isn’t a paid referral or anything I am just sharing the details of what we have achieved. I think this is really interesting at a time when many have been complaining of the reduced reach on Instagram. It certainly has been reduced but you can still organically gain attention.

Attribution is always tough with Instagram though. Strictly on our analytics, we saw one conversion from Instagram. BUT you never know if the other direct conversions from the website found us via Instagram first and then came back to the website later. Or clicked the link and downloaded a lead magnet, ended up on the email list and converted.

đź’¸ Micro Angel

As this post is more of a general update I thought I would share a recent investment as this is an increasing focus of mine. I recently made a very small investment into a fantastic UK company that operates in the litigation finance niche. Leave a comment if you would like me to do an in-depth post all about this niche and why I find it fascinating.

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I have worked in this niche and know it well. Not only that but I know Cormac and Michael who are leading the charge. Both are very smart with a huge number of successes under their belt. I have made one micro angel investment before and it went terribly. Lost all the money BUT I learnt a huge amount from that experience. I know, horribly cliched but absolutely true. I won’t recount that tale of woe here but I will tell you why I invested in this latest company AND what you should look out for if you are thinking of investing.

  1. Understand the industry. I have realised that you shouldn’t invest in anything you don’t truly understand. I know litigation finance well and that means I understand the upside as well as the potential risks intimately.

  2. The team is everything. Ideas are everywhere. Startups are everywhere but people who can execute are rare. Get behind people you feel you can truly trust for the long term and that you know will give it they're all.

  3. A growth market. I think everyone knows to look for this but I like litigation funding because it is still relatively new. Especially when it comes to innovation in the industry.

  4. Unique. Axia Funder has a unique offering. Most of the funds in this industry are chasing enormous cases. I fear that will become a race to the bottom and as such Axia have gone after a market the other funds aren’t set up to address. It would also take enormous amounts of restriction for them to do so.

I also invest in individual cases in this space and the returns are very exciting. If you choose the cases correctly you can really limit your downside via a range of insurance implements.


May also go into more depth on this if people comment below with interest and I am also on the hunt for a business to add value to with my marketing skills. Make sure you subscribe for future emails. Things are heating up 🔥