Jenny's On Fire!

This is how I get cold prospects to thank me for my emails.

You’re most likely reading this post because you read all about Jenny and her cold email mistakes. I promised to explain how to do cold email correctly. You’re probably thinking “does he really know what he’s talking about?”

Would you like to get responses like these to your cold emails

Let’s talk about how I achieve results like the above.


Collecting your cold email targets.

There are a number of ways to get cold emails but let’s start with my favourite method currently. LinkedIn is my source. I love LinkedIn because you still get great organic reach and you can still connect with people and build new relationships. A lot of other social networks have made this harder recently but I think LinkedIn is a huge opportunity.

I make sure I am only connecting with authors and writers. I get requests from people in other industries and they get declined. My publishing business supplies self-publishing services to authors and writers. I have a complete tunnel vision of my audience and demographic. I don’t want to talk to anybody else. These are the only people my product is relevant to. My goal on LinkedIn is to create content for my audience and connect with as many writers and authors as possible. This is the first step to make sure I target the right people.

More targeting.

The collection part of this process is 90% of the secret. Get this right and you will get results like the above. I filter my contacts a second time. This is where LinkedIn Helper comes in very handy. It allows me to filter my contacts again by their role and job title. I want to again make sure I am only contacting people who are relevant. Therefore I filter again to ensure they have the title or role of author or writer in their profile.

How do you actually get the emails?

Let the scraping begin! I extract the emails and other data from their profiles. Again, I use LinkedIn Helper for this. It pulls out the data I need. Most importantly it pulls out the first name and email so that I can contact them. If I need any other relevant data then I will extract this as well.

Above is a screenshot of the software and the campaign that is running to collect the details I need.

Don’t people hate cold email?

You hate cold email if it comes from Jenny. You hate it because it’s an ask right away. You know the phone calls you get from friends you haven’t spoken to in a year? Before they even ask how you are they say “Hi mate, can you publish my book for me?” The answer would be a resounding no.

The key takeaway.

Instead, you offer them something for free. When I send our cold emails to authors and writers I give them something completely free. Importantly it’s not just free, it’s valuable. It’s something they want. We provide a free book marketing guide and a free legal guide. Both of these items took a long time to create. They took time, effort, resources and expertise.

No strings.

Most importantly I don’t expect anything back from the authors. There is no obligation to do anything. We do ask for a name and an email of course because it would be stupid not to ask for it.

The magic template.

Subject: {{FIRST_NAME}}, want to sell more books?
We all want to sell more books. I came across your profile on LinkedIn, saw you were ​a fellow author and thought you might enjoy our free book marketing guide.
No strings, just a completely free guide. 
We cover:
- Why you shouldn't genre bust
- How having a hardback will get you more sales
- Why you need more retailers to stock your book
- Why you should approach Blackwell's
- and much more.
Just head to [LINK] to get the free info. 
You have not been subscribed to any list - just wanted to reach out :) If it's not for you then apologies and all the best. 
Kind Regards,
The Publishing Push Team

This is the template that is getting results like those listed above. Give cold email a try. If done correctly it can be incredibly powerful!