Diary of a CMO - General Strategy Update

We have been focusing on SEO over the past three posts but I wanted to provide a more general update on our overall strategy. In this post, I will be discussing Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

We have been banging the SEO drum for 3 weeks. There has been some success including a target keyword now on the first page for that specific search. Will save that until the next specific SEO update. We have the next more challenging keyword set to try and get on the first page next.

Instagram VS YouTube

We have been using Instagram to promote our business for a very long time and have built up quite a decent following. There was a time when our posts would get a large number of comments and hundreds of likes, sometimes thousand on a popular post. This engagement has all died away and it has been a struggle to get any form of engagement here. We have tried live videos, IGTV’s and well-designed content. I suspect as most marketers will tell you without spending money there you aren’t going to see much impact. I wanted to give it one last hurrah just to be sure before we move on so we have hired a very talented agency to create content, including reels and see what happens. We are giving this 30 days and will then make a decision whether we continue or take that spend and creative elsewhere.

YouTube is a new focus. We have been posting consistently here again and are getting good results.

You can see our watching time is up, views are up and so are subscribers. First, let me show you in the next image why I am excited about YouTube and then I will explain what we have done here to improve our success on this platform.

42.6% of the impressions we have received in the last 28 days, 1831.8K of those came from YouTube recommending our content. That volume of virality is very hard to find on many platforms at the moment. Granted the barrier to entry here to get results is a little higher than other marketing channels. It’s going to take a few more months to see how this channel delivers from an ROI perspective. It’s hard to monitor its impact. Often when trying to assess new platforms I will make sure I’m not making too many alterations to our strategy elsewhere.

What did we do to improve our YouTube success?

Here are the key items:

  1. The Content. Seems obvious but I have spent more time researching the topics and questions authors are asking. Answer The Public is a great tool but mainly we get these questions from our sales team and project management team.

  2. Video quality. I hired a lady to edit the videos professionally. She has added stock footage, graphics, titles, headings, images and much more to the videos to make them more engaging.

  3. ASK. We have also added points in the video where I ask viewers to like, subscribe and comment. It’s a simple change but reminding people does make a big difference. You do need all the help you can get from the YouTube algorithm.

  4. Thumbnails. This has again made a big difference. We have more engaging and well-designed thumbnails to entice viewers.

  5. Profile image. I had our logo and I changed this to a picture of me smiling. Our brand is not Nike. People are more likely to connect with me rather than a logo they aren’t aware of…yet. I also plan to add my face to the banner and see if that helps.

  6. Regularity. I used to post very sporadically and since committing to 1 video per week we have immediately seen improved results.

We plan to double down here. I am aiming to record 3 videos every Tuesday morning. The videos are then sent over to our editor and she puts them together. I then upload and schedule them to go out on a weekly basis. Putting a system in place has made this much easier. All I worry about is pressing record on the video camera and away I go. The key point here is that I am leveraging the team to give me content ideas and it’s on topics I know very well. We will do some deep dives in the future I am sure. It also depends on what works for you. This is a very efficient way for me to put out content because it only takes 60 to 90 mins per week. Everything else is handled for me.


I used to post on LinkedIn all the time years ago and then I stopped as it wasn’t a very active community. Currently, LinkedIn is exploding and I have been posting consistently here for about a year. You can see why from the statistics below in the image: 3,450 views of this post! Tough to get that level of virality anywhere else.

The opportunity on LinkedIn currently is huge. I know it’s something that GaryVee has been berating people about for some time. He’s absolutely right.

Key Takeaways for LinkedIn success

  1. Hashtags work well on LinkedIn. I avoid these like the plague on many other sites but they work wonders here. Go niche with your tags. Don’t pick the ones everyone is going for.

  2. Be funny! I also post meme’s here. It’s not as serious as you might think. We all like to laugh.

  3. Vary your content. I post long-form, short quotes, polls and videos. Keep people on their toes. Don’t just keep posting the same thing. People will get bored with that.

  4. Reply to comments. This one is so important. Don’t just say “thanks” or post simple replies. Really take the time. The LinkedIn algorithm rewards proper engagement like crazy!



Tweet, twee….yup silence here. Twitter published a guide called a month of tweets. It detailed what to post for best results. We experimented with many of these ideas but everything fell on deaf ears and I’m not at all surprised. Not because I don’t think that Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool but because Twitter is so crowded for certain topics and industries.

If you operate in a niche or industry where most people aren’t on Twitter then you have a HUGE opportunity. Strip Mall Guy is a great example. He’s acquired 28.2K followers in just 4 months. Why? He’s focused on a really boring niche where no one else was tweeting about this topic. He became the go-to guy for information about investing in strip malls. I discovered this when listening to the My First Million Podcast. I may do a deep dive on this and a few of the other people they mentioned in an upcoming post as I think it is fascinating growth.

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It may seem like we are trying to advertise on every platform going. We are, BUT there is method to the madness. Every few six months I like to experiment. Find out where the attention is online and where I can get the most eyeballs at the best ROI. In order to do this, we have to keep experimenting. Not only do I want to see a good ROI in relation to the volume of enquiries but I also want to know the quality of the leads. Our data of course does a lot of this for us. If people aren’t buying then we aren’t attracting the right customers but the sales team also give me feedback on how their discussions are going with customers.

LinkedIn and YouTube are starting to look like the winners.