I deleted 7,000 email subscribers - here's why.

Email is a powerful tool and each subscriber is valuable. So why did I decide to delete 7,000 of my email subscribers?

I love email. I wish I had started email sooner. The total mailing list for PublishingPush.com was over 10,000 before I deleted 7,000 of these subscribers. Don’t fret. I haven’t lost my mind. There is method to the madness, on this occasion.


The best place to start. Our email deliverability was dropping. The opened email statistics were dismal. Many of these subscribers have been on my list for 5 years or more. They have seen and heard it all before. Our content is changing now but that is a subject for another post. If you leave subscribers on your list that don’t engage it is going to impact how many people see your emails. Email providers will place your emails into spam as they aren’t being opened. I needed to make a drastic change. What could be more drastic than removing 7,000 people?

Okay, I lied a little

I deleted these subscribers from my mailing list BUT I didn’t just throw these emails in the bin and forget about them. I worked hard for these signups and these subscribers deserve to see my new improved content. It will interest them. What did I do with these emails, you ask? I won’t keep you waiting any longer as I am sure the suspense is unbearable at this stage. I am now sending them cold emails.

Wait, you did what?!

I know this sounds completely nonsensical. They were already subscribers so why remove them only to email them again when you already had them on a list? The reason is that I needed to get them to engage with the new content. They either weren’t receiving our emails or they were no longer opening them. I don’t blame them. Our content in the early days was rubbish compared with what we produce now. We have just redone our Free Book Marketing Guide for authors and spent time creating a Free Legal Guide for authors. Both contain valuable up to date information. The open rate of these new emails has been in the 51.5%+ range at last count which is what we are looking for ideally. Many of these emails are so old that I am sure there will be some redundant addresses in there or people who aren’t publishing or writing anymore. The goal is to get people re-subscribed and excited about our content again and as always to sell some services along the way. This is after all what keeps the lights on and the bills paid.

The Math

I always like to examine the data. It tells the true story in marketing especially when we talk about growth.

Number of opens from these 7,000 people on list last week = 0

Since starting the cold email campaign we have seen a 51.5% open rate. This rate may continue, it may drop, it may improve but if we continue as we are 3605 people will open and read those emails. If we get 50% of those people resubscribed then that is 1825 people back on the list and reading our emails.

A big improvement from 0 last week.