🧰 (ugh) my mistake

🧰 my mistake
💎 value
🏃‍♂️ action beats perfection
😰 tough decisions

🧰 my mistake

I think way too many people are busy and not effective. I've been thinking a lot about this concept. Just a month ago I was stressed out, doing too many things, and had become an operator again.

I'd had a team member need urgent medical treatment. Like an operator, I jumped in got on calls, and tried to save the day. Wrong move. Quickly the whole team was asking me questions again and I was jammed. The big projects I needed to focus on stalled.

We already had another team member starting in 2 weeks and we had others who could have chipped in. I should have focused on reallocating our resources and not getting deep in the weeds myself. I should have been effective rather than busy.

💎 value

Other small business owners often say to me "It's okay for you because you can hire someone to do X" which surprises me.

If you can't afford to hire you are either:

a) not charging enough
b) not creating enough value

Some operators I meet are creating a lot of value BUT they aren't charging enough. Others just aren't creating something valuable enough that people are willing to part with large sums of money.

🦉 tweet tweet

I have 24k followers on Twitter but I don't write my tweets. I edit them. I use this amazing app called TweetHunter which does 80% of the work for me. It finds tweets my audience will love and then I customise them to suit.

Tweethunter is here.

I did a video about it here:

🏃‍♂️ action beats perfection

YouTube is the first social media platform I enjoy and I'm putting in a lot of effort here.

I've hired:
- story consultants to help edit my scripts
- paid £1500 for a course run by a 3M subscriber YouTuber
- paid a video editor
- paid a thumbnail designer

Despite all that often action beats perfection. I put out a video on Friday that I filmed, edited, and posted in the space of 1 hour at home. The lighting is awful and the quality is poor BUT it's been popular. I say popular my channel is tiny (for now).

Just shows action beats perfection.

😰 tough decisions

Finally, in my main business, we are facing some tough decisions around staffing levels. We overhired a little and have found ourselves with an excess of staff. We are going to have to trim our expenses down a little and that means letting a few team members go.

Never an easy task but one that has to be done. We've also faced a little pressure are the recession deepens. Fortunately, we have a book of business pre-sold which means we have hundreds of thousands to come over the coming months.

We are running some awesome Black Friday deals which I will share in the next email.

Take care everyone 👋 Patrick