Boring Businesses

I love a boring business. Most people get excited by the latest tech startup. Raising millions, spending it on candy machines and bean bags then loosing it all just as fast.

I fell into this trap and wasted a lot of time early in my career trying to build cool tech startups. A tennis app so you could get remote coaching, events for startups, and many other ideas along the way.

Now I look for boring businesses. Things we all need everyday and can’t live without. You know plumbing, accounting, storage and things like that.

Usually badly run, bad marketing, no automation, poor tech and a growing industry.

I look at businesses that have been around for over 10 years as a minimum. More than 20 years and I get really excited.

I’ve done this before and found success by taking a very old industry - publishing and giving it a modern twist. Applying automation, technology and a remote team to lower overheads and increase profitability.

Over the years I’ve consulted for a range of companies. Great businesses that people NEED with loyal customers but they have no idea how to promote themselves. Everything is manual. They could be saving hours by using automation.

Now I have begun my hunt. To find businesses that I can buy, improve and then hold or sell.

Join me on this journey.