pardon me

SO what do you get by staying subscribed?

🍿A front row seat as I:

  • continue to grow my million-pound publishing company
  • build wealth by buying boring businesses
  • attempt to build a personal audience on YouTube and this email list
  • renovate my forever home
  • grow as a Dad
  • plan my wedding

Phew, that's a lot of stuff.

🧰 And not just that. I'm going to share:

  • what I learnt on a $1.5K YouTube course with a professional YouTuber with over 3.2 million subscribers
  • what I learnt from a Power Writing course run by the ex-CEO of Bebo and host of the My First Million Podcast
  • how I finally got my tweets to go viral after many failed attempts
  • cool shit I find like this app that automates and writes tweets for me
  • how I run a remote team of 8 full time staff and 30 contractors
  • great business I find to buy 🤑 and the awful ones 🤮
  • and a whole lot more

I'm not just going to share the stuff that goes well. Will also share the stuff that goes bad 💩

It's going to be a lot of fun. Thanks for sticking with me.