Klima DAO is a new Decentralised Autonomous Organisation designed to manifest change in carbon emissions and hand you a healthy profit along the way.
Creating and beginning the implementation of our SEO strategy. Exploring SEMrush, automation, the costs, choosing initial keywords & more.
Most people don't understand cold email at all. Here is the problem with how most companies do cold email.
I thought TikTok was just for kids miming along to the latest songs but then I heard a story from Sam at Tactiq.io that changed my mind.
This is how I get cold prospects to thank me for my emails.
Email is a powerful tool and each subscriber is valuable. So why did I decide to delete 7,000 of my email subscribers?
SEO is something we have neglected for years. We need to take it seriously or get left behind. Money is a huge part so I think it may be interesting to…
I have to make decisions daily about our marketing strategy and how we will achieve the goals we have set for the company. If you enjoy this post let me…
We have been focusing on SEO over the past three posts but I wanted to provide a more general update on our overall strategy. In this post, I will be…
It transpires our customers would rather improve their marketing than avoid legal trouble. I have to say I would probably join them in that sentiment…
Pat and Puppy
The SEO battleground is more competitive than ever. Especially in our niche. We are 3 weeks into this process and currently down on traffic by about 15…